Corporate Sustainability Review celebrates 10 years of corporate action


Corporate Sustainability Review (CSR) recently launched its tenth annual edition of reports and stories of corporate action in creating a more sustainable Caribbean. Over the past decade, some 40 companies have been featured in this unique publication that is dedicated to demonstrating how business and communities should co-create better societies.

Corporate Sustainability Review 2022 looks at ESG goals for regional industries. -

CSR is the signature publication of Virtual Business Services, a discreet boutique resource for business leaders and corporate communications professionals that has been operating in Trinidad since January 2010 and in Guyana since 2020.

In an interview with writer Pat Ganase, the CSRs editor-in-chief, Donna Singh-Ramsammy, explains that the publication has evolved to reflect societal changes and corporate responses to critical matters encapsulated in the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It has been “an on-going seminar in the progress of conscious business – and still growing to reflect the best business practices for the times.”

The 2022 edition is themed Aligning business to ESG goals. Performance on ESG aspirations is increasingly being defined and monitored by various professional bodies, and an indicator of measurable progress towards sustainability goals.

• Environment is currently focused on the reduction of carbon emissions in the race to mitigate climate impact.

• Social relates to equity, wellbeing, and diversity within the workforce as representative of the community, as well as its policies and relationship with employees, suppliers, customers and communities.

• Governance defines not simply disclosure and transparency, but an obligation to show and share continuous improvements in auditing and reporting, executive pay, leadership and shareholder rights.

Donna Ramsammy, editor-in-chief of Corporate Sustainability Review. -

Ramsammy believes that “new and visionary ideas must be led from the top, the CEO, the board, and point persons who will help to change behaviours and embed enlightened philosophy and corporate policy.” It’s not about public relations or branding. “Companies that get ESG right will find that their self-image and reputations are enhanced as a by-product. CSR is an indicator, a step in the right direction, taking business for profit towards fulfilling its obligation to benefit the society as its true and visionary goal.”

In this issue readers get a glimpse of social strategies being implemented by companies in banking and finance, energy, and manufacturing. There is also a CSR honour roll of past participants from across the Caribbean.

CSR is both the example and the showcase for companies that understand their value to society; they commit to a shared accountability, and participate in collaboration, and in fair and transparent reporting. CSR is available in both print and digital formats.

For more information on the Corporate Sustainability Review or Virtual Business Services, contact VBS at [email protected].